D390 ( Clean Rooms)

Product Description

Designed for harsh, chemical-laden environments, the D390 is the most suitable flame detector for semiconductor clean rooms and wet benches. The D390 is a stand-alone 3IR fire & flame detector in a sealed polypropylene enclosure specifically designed for semiconductor manufacturing facilities. The D390 detector is optimized to respond to fire sources from hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuels, while rejecting non-fire false alarm sources. The D390 flame response and false source rejection is accomplished by utilizing a Convolution Method and Advanced DSP (digital signal processing). The D390 detector requires an external 24 VDC power source and is supplied with Alarm/Fault/Auxiliary relays, 4-20 mA analog and RS485 ModBus outputs. The detector is supplied with an integral 20-foot teflon-coated, shielded multi-conductor cable for wiring to external devices. The detector can store 200 events with time and date stamps in its FRAM memory.


  • Multi-Spectrum design 3IR
  • Standard outputs: Alarm/Fault/Auxiliary relays, 4-20 mA, and RS485 ModBus®
  • Real-time clock
  • 200 event logs with date and time stamped
  • Automatic self-test for checking electronic circuitry, and optical path integrity test with OptiRadar (TM)
  • Leak-proof polypropylene enclosure
  • Test Mode for manual testing
  • Integral cable harness for easy field wiring
  • False alarm immunity to external non-fire sources
  • Manufactured in the USA with a 3-Year Warranty
  • RFI & EMC compliant
  • Designed to SIL 3 requirements

Product Features

  • Field-of-view:

    90 degree vertical & horizontal

  • Spectral Sensitivity :

    IR : 2-5 microns(3 discrete bands)

  • Response Time:

    Alarm: 3-5 Seconds

  • Detection Range:

    2″ Dia. N-Heptane Fire – 4-5 ft

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